Genuine Panama Hats

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      A real and original Panama straw hat is Italian sewn from straw from Ecuador! Most of the models in our range are of Italian origin, but we also have hats made in Panama and Ecuador. Here in the shop, we have collected a selection of luxury straw hats from, among others, MJM Hats and the legendary Stetson, which you can comfortably wear in the summer country and the city. All the models are made from the original Panama straw boards and shaped in Italy, so the authenticity, quality and look are in order. We offer shipping for just NOK 39 to the parcel shop, and if you shop for more than NOK 499, we will ship free of charge.

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      The perfect straw hat for the summer gentleman

      Are you a modern gentleman? So consider an elegant, exclusive and stylish straw hat to face the summer in. Our many straw hats in the selection are made of natural straw with brims in different thicknesses and colours. The hand weaving requires enormous finesse and time, and the high quality is evident to anyone lucky enough to hold a model in hand. Most hats have an internal sweatband made of cotton, which contributes to the high comfort. Our summer-friendly straw hats are light and breathable, and fit perfectly with the summer's bright wardrobe. They contribute both with protection from the sun and with much-needed cooling of the head. We believe that a men's Panama hat must be genuine and original, so that the wearer remains the same. Find your original Panama straw hat at a sharp price right here at The Prince.

      The best-looking men's straw hats on the market

      We love a stylish straw hat in the summer. The elegant shade and slim silhouette of our many cool models on this page compliments every man. If you are in doubt about which size is right for you, we hope that the size guide on each individual product page will be helpful. When choosing a size, it depends both on the circumference of your head and how you want to wear the hat. Here in the selection, we sell models in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs for all the different types of men out there. See more right here on the page and make a good deal on an uncomplicated and classy straw hat.