Docker Caps & Hats

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      Docker Hats - Hate of Land Crabs, Loved by Seamen! They ooze the style directly from the loading quay, but once always dock docking :-) 

      My old dad called them an elephant pessar, but let it lie - Docker Hue or Docker Beanie protects your ice from weather and wind so if you hate having a hat around your ears is a Docker Cap perfect.

      We have 2 types: Docker Hat or Cap which is made according to the same principles as a flat cap just without shade, or Docker Beanie / Hue made in the same way as a beanie hat but shorter.


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      A "Docker Cap" is a style of headgear that is often associated with sailors and port workers, hence the name. It typically has a soft, round, flat crown and a short bunk border. The cap is often made of wool or cotton and is sometimes referred to as a "fishing hat" because of its connection to the maritime culture.

      The Docker Cap is often considered a stylish and practical accessory that provides some protection against the elements and at the same time preserves a relaxed and cool look. These caps have become a popular fashion topic and can be found in different colors and materials to suit the individual's taste and styles.