Fedora Hats

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      It can be difficult to find around the different types of hats - even for us. But we all know the classic Fedora hat from old pictures and movies. Here in the selection, we carry modern designs in new fresh colors as well as the classic dark men's shades that you know. Typically, the hat is equipped with a fabric edge band, which can be the same color as the hat, but still a design accessory that gives the hat the right look. If you want to compliment your style with a cool and elegant finishing touch, consider a Fedora hat here from the selection.

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      Stand out in the street scene with a fedora hat

      We have made an effort to put together a varied and wide selection with designs, sizes and colors to suit every taste. Whether you are into classic black, cool royal blue, delicious caffe latte brown or modern olive green, there is a Fedora hat for you here at The Prince. All Fedora hats are made of quality materials such as wool, leather and metal, which together ooze classic boyish charm. A Fedora hat has the characteristic that the brim typically has a gable shape, and is therefore quite slightly bent upwards, but otherwise the difference to Traveler hats is not that great. The hats on this page are typically a bit bigger than their little brother Trilby, and are usually the best choice if you have a larger build, otherwise it can be too overwhelming. Find the model that suits you right here in our large selection.

      Shop beautiful Fedora hats at sharp prices

      Would you also like to be travel-ready with a fedora hat that is both waterproof and crushable? Our many practical and durable models on this site are perfect to take with you on the go, and are usable in all kinds of situations. The stylish hat is unlikely to go out of fashion in the near future, and you will be able to use it for both leisure, everyday and festive occasions. We help you find the right size with a size chart and a guide for measuring. Some Fedora hats are one-size, and are typically adjusted at the neck, while others require you to measure yourself to find the perfect size that is neither too loose nor too tight. Remember that you get free shipping on all orders over NOK 499.