Bare Gear

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      When conjuring drinks, all you need is equipment if it is to be done properly. You must not go down in gear, not even bare gear. We have the equipment for your home bar, whether there is mahogany or plasterboard on the walls, we have the tools to make your drinks better. Whether you're a Mixology geek or just a mixer of delicious drinks, it has to be done properly and quickly. We have all the basic bar equipment so you can get started. Ice buckets, shakers, tongs, muddlers, jiggers, pouring stoppers are just the start of a well-stocked home bar. Don't hold back, you'll probably need it!

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      Cocktail Time

      If cocktails are to be made, equipment is needed - and it must be a bit delicious!

      Our bar sets from Oak & Steel are both beautiful and functional and typically have everything you need to serve delicious drinks.

      What should you use as a minimum?

      • Measuring cup
      • Shaker
      • Si

      But you can also enjoy;

      • Pour stoppers
      • Ice bucket
      • Istang