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      Here we have everything good for the little pyromaniac - or someone who wants to light cigarettes, cigars or pipes with style and the right tools. If you need a lighter for yourself or as a gift, we have a large selection of models for every need. Our lighters are either with stones or with electronic piezo ignition, and use ordinary lighter gas, which you can buy from us or in your supermarket or tobacconist. Choose a model with a regular soft flame which is suitable for cigarettes and pipes, or one with a jet flame which is good for lighting cigars and really effective in all kinds of weather.

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      Effective lighters for cigarettes, cigars and pipes

      When choosing your lighter, it can be beneficial to look at the flame. Our cigarette lighters typically use butane as a fuel source, and many of the models have a single jet flame, which ensures precise and elegant lighting of your cigarettes. We also sell the well-known and refillable disposable lighter with electronic ignition and flame control. Cigar lighters also come with a jet flame, but are usually larger, faster and more efficient than the models with soft flames. If you want to enjoy your cigar in style, we're sure you'll love this solid, robust and reliable model from the range, which truly exudes understated luxury. When it comes to fire and gas, it is important to take safety precautions. Remember that these products are not toys and keep them away from children and childish souls. Read more on this page where you can learn more about the instructions for use, filling and safety.

      Lighters and accessories for every need

      It is not only the selection of functions that is varied, we have of course also put together a wide range of designs, colors and materials to suit every taste. Regardless of whether you are into a colorful model with a motif, or prefer a completely classic version in brushed steel, you can find your new lighter here at The Prince. With us, you will always find classic and quality-stamped brands such as Dupont, Zippo and Eurojet. If you are a pipe smoker, take a look at our many different pipe lighters that are masculine and authentic in just the right way. You can also make a good deal on accessories right here on the page.