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      Compared to the other types of hats, baseball caps are relatively new and from the new world - here we are of course talking about God's own country, the USA. If you are looking for a plain design, we have the nice Stetson caps, but typically we have more of the colored models with lots of color and swagger. The vast majority of baseball caps are One Size Fits All, and have size adjustment in the neck, but our wide selection also offers caps in the typical sizes S, M, L and XL. Take a look at our many colorful and modern models right here.

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      The coolest baseball caps on the market

      We are a bit old-fashioned, so we divide our caps into 3 types: Baseball caps which are the classic slightly flat and close to the head shape, trucker caps which are a bit higher and often have a mesh back, and finally army caps which are the traditional headgear for soldiers. Here in the category you will find different versions of all three models, which we have handpicked from international suppliers such as Stetson. They are modern and durable, and made of quality materials that are guaranteed to suit your taste. Like us, are you also a fan of the baseball cap's classic construction consisting of 6 panels? They contribute to a particularly good fit, which means that you can wear the cap with pleasure all day long. We understand that for decades this type of cap has been the headgear of choice for American truck drivers and mechanics. Today, fortunately, the rest of us can also enjoy the cool baseball caps that you can fall in love with right here on this page.

      Baseball caps for every personality

      Are you looking for a baseball cap for the fisherman, truck driver, military man, outdoor enthusiast, skater, or someone who just loves to wear caps that no one else has? Our unique and personal styles here in the selection are guaranteed to go down well with the friend or the man who deserves a thoughtful gift. You can safely buy your husband's gift here with us, where you always have full right of return and right of exchange for a full 30 days. We are a Danish webshop that offers fast delivery and free shipping on all orders over NOK 499.