FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM



      The pipe smoker is a man in control of the world, that is indisputable! We do not encourage anyone to start smoking a pipe, but if they have got the idea themselves, we have selected some really nice pipes for beginners and those with little experience. We have chosen to present Italian and French pipes that have a really reasonable price/quality ratio. They are all made of bruyere or briar wood in different colors. The typical pipe is made of Bruyer root with an acrylic mouthpiece or the slightly more fragile bakelite - in terms of design, work is done both with the shape of the pipe and the use of rings between the pipe head and mouthpiece. Whether you like the straight pipe shape or the bent pipe is a matter of taste, many people choose to have several pipes to suit the smoking experience - and also get some peace and recovery once in a while.

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