Zippo Lighters

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      It is difficult to describe the joy of owning a genuine zippo lighter - it must be experienced! The fat weight in your pocket makes it a part of you, just like the smell of napalm when you light it. Our many zippo lighters here in the selection are storm-proof, reliable, come with a lifetime guarantee, and it oozes from them that they are "Made in the USA". We have the common models and the completely uncommon models with unique motifs - but also the original accessories and consumables. Buy your own cool model today if you also want to experience the characteristic zippo "click".

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      You will never regret a zippo lighter

      Here in the category, we have put together a wide selection of zippo lighters with designs and motifs for every taste. Look at a model in brushed steel, antique brass or highly polished chrome if you are into a classic and timeless design. Perhaps you dream of something more personal, and in that case we can offer a varied range that offers fun, inspiring and handsome motifs. When you choose a zippo lighter, you get a strong metal construction that can withstand a little bit of everything. The design is windproof, and therefore the lighter can be used in almost all conditions. Your zippo deserves only the best, which is why we sell all the original and necessary zippo accessories that contribute to your lighter working as it should. You won't need more than one zippo lighter for the rest of your life!

      The Zippo lighter is the perfect gift

      In the good old days, thumbs up and thumbs down was not a SOME thing but a sign that now there was fire in the zippo lighter. Once you start doing tricks with your lighter, you'll never stop. Our many cool Zippo lighters in this range are the perfect gift for the man who appreciates quality and cool design. The popular zippo lighters are the best sellers worldwide with over 600 million units sold to date. We also sell zippo gift boxes, which are complete with lighter, petrol and flint. Also look at an ashtray, a belt bag and other smart accessories for the man who has everything.