FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      We have everything in braces for men, from wide braces, narrow tuxedo braces to extra slim hipster braces. At The Prince, we try to stock all braces in normal size (120 cm) - and extra long braces (140 cm) for those with height and girth. Here you will find braces with H-back, V-back, X-back and Y-back, as well as models with clips and buttons. We carry our braces in all kinds of beautiful colors and fine prints that stand out from the crowd. These braces for men are made in Denmark from quality European materials, and you won't find better prices on braces of this quality than here with us.

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      Find the right suspenders for men

      When you need to find the right braces, we suggest that you start on the left in the menu. Here you decide the size, after which you can choose the back type. The X-type (also called H-belts) has 4 fasteners, while the Y-type and V-type have 3 fasteners. The difference between the Y harness and the V harness is the length of the "stem". For those with drooping shoulders, we recommend X- or Y-straps, as the V-strap tends to slide down. Once you have chosen the back type, you can see what colors and patterns are available, and you can also decide whether you want your suspenders for men with patented German clips or with leather straps for buttons in the trousers. The options are many and we are sure you can find what you are looking for here in our wide selection of suspenders for men.

      Everything in braces for men for everyday life and parties

      Our desire is to offer braces for men for every need and every occasion. Therefore, of course, we sell classic and plain colored braces for men in grey, white, yellow, beige, brown, black, blue, green, red and many other neutral colors that are perfect for everyday use or formal occasions. If there's going to be a party and colors, you won't go wrong in the city with a pair of checkered, striped or patterned suspenders. We even sell braces with humorous images, modern prints, beautiful motifs and funny texts that can bring a smile to the face of even your driest friend. At The Prince, all our braces for men are of course adjustable, so the fit is right in the closet.