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      See our selection of Stetson Hats from Legendary Stetson which have been making hats in the United States since 1860 - We have Stetson Hats from Stetson Europe and their range so we can offer Stetson Sixpence Hats like Hatteras and operates Caps in the Flat CAP category, Traveler & Western Felthatt and Real Panama Hats + the other special hats types that a modern man demands. If you buy a Stetson cap or a real cowboy hat you get not only quality but also style supplements. A Stetson Hat oozes with confidence and hides both delicious hair and the lack of the same. We select Stetson Hats twice a year, but if you need a Stetson hat we don't have (or do not have in stock) we will be happy to help you. Contact us - We will find a Stetson cap or Stetson Felt Hat for you Mettevuns.

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      Looking for a Stetson Hat? Here is a description of the most important Stetson Hats Types

      Stetson Fedora Hat Typically has a wide shade, a curly crown and is made of high quality felt material. Stetson hats are known for their durability, stylish design and connection to Western fashion. These hats often have a leather strap and a Stetson logo on the inside. They can be seen as a fashion statement that adds a touch of sophistication to different outfits.

      Stetson Traveler Hat, also known as a Stetson Aussie Hat that can be crushed, is designed to be more versatile and convenient for travel. These hats are typically made of materials that can be crushed and packed so that they can be folded or packed without losing their shape. Stetson travel hats often have a bully crown in the middle and a shade that can be shaped to fit individual preferences. They are known for their durability, as well as their ability to preserve their style, even after being unpacked and unpacked several times.

      Stetson Westernhat, often referred to as a cowboy hat, is a symbol of American Western culture and is designed to be practical and stylish. These hats typically have a wide shade that arches on the sides and forms a signature "U" or "V" edge. The crown of a Stetson Western hat may range from traditional drop forms to more modern variations. They are often made of first -class materials such as felt, straw or leather, and are made to provide sun protection and protect the wearer from the elements. Stetson Western hats are recognized for their quality, comfort and timeless style.

      Stetson Trilby-Hat, typically has a short shade that has turned sharply up at the back and slightly down front. This distinctive shadow style separates it from other hats such as Fedora or Panamahatt. Stetson Trilby Hats often has a narrow shade that complements a tapered crown with a pronounced front clamp. They are usually made of high quality materials such as wool or fur felt and are known for their sophisticated and stylish look, making them a popular choice for both formal and leisure clothing.

      Stetson Hatteras Hat, also known as a Stetson Flat Cap or Newsboy cap, is a classic and relaxed headgear. This type of hat typically has a round, whole crown and a short, stiff shade. The Hatteras hat is often made of materials such as wool, tweed or cotton, giving it a textured and relaxed look. It typically has a button on top of the crown and can have a downed edge. Stetson Hattera's hats are known for their comfort, versatility and timeless style, adding a touch of sophistication to various outfits.

      Stetson Driver Cap, also known as a Stetson Flat Cap or Ivy Cap, is a classic and versatile hat style. These caps typically have a rounded, flat crown and a small, stiff shade that is often sewn down. Stetson Driver Caps is usually made of materials such as wool, tweed or cotton, giving them a relaxed and timeless aesthetic. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, making them a popular choice for everyday use. The driver's cap is known for its simple but stylish design that fits well with a wide range of outfits, making it a permanent component of many wardrobes.