Flat Caps

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      Here we have collected sixpences, flat caps, newsboys and applejacks, which have in common that they are all a flat fabric hat with the shade integrated - but the variations are endless, and suit everyone from Bonderøv to City Slickers and Peaky Blinders. We carry models from Stetson, MJM, KBEthos, Mucros and Celtic Ore, so your flat cap dreams can easily come true. Here we have collected a wide selection of different shapes and designs from the classic black, gray and blue to the patterned and colored models that dominate at the moment. Find an authentic and modern sixpence right here at The Prince.

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      Sixpence hats like from Peaky Blinders

      The well-known TV series has taken the world by storm, and thus many have opened their eyes to the classic and cool sixpence, which is worn by all of the male characters with great style. There's nothing like a stylish sixpence to elevate your wardrobe and exude a boyish elegance that will set you apart from the crowd. We have put together a selection that offers, among other things, models in wool, cotton, silk, leather and denim in all kinds of classic and modern colours. We also carry many of the popular designs in tweed, and this applies to both variants in Herringbone pattern and multicolored Houndtooth pattern. Get an authentic experience with a beautiful sixpence that has an ancient but timeless cut that never fails.

      Wear a Sixpence for every occasion

      You can wear the stylish and masculine hat regardless of the season. We carry models that are suitable for all seasons and festive as well as informal occasions. Choose a breathable and summery model outside or go with a cozy version with fold-out ear flaps for extra warmth. When choosing your sixpence hat, think about which shape (wide or narrow) fits your head and then measure the circumference to find the correct size. We have put together a wide selection of sizes to suit every man. The neat hat is easy to carry in your suitcase and perfect for a holiday in the south. Find a plain or patterned sixpence that goes with your entire wardrobe right here in the category.