Traveler Hats

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      A Traveler Hat is for you with a taste for adventure - or just a casual felt hat.
      The traveler hat is often attributed to the Safari or Aussie Outback shape but it is actually the fedora shape, but with all the edges bent down so that it does not collect rainwater.

      This traveler hat shape has really evolved since the release of movies like Indiana Jones, where the hat is the hero's most faithful companion and is right in the middle of the action. Since then, the shape has been clearly associated with travel and adventure, as it provides front and back protection and offers a more casual look than the Fedora shape.

      The Traveler is a headgear that will also become your most loved travel companion, and which will accompany you on excursions in the bush, a walk in the forest or as a casual accessory for the city.

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