Strolling sticks

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      If you are going outside with cane or umbrella, it must be with elegance and quality.

      We have a selection of company's sticks and elegant strolls from Scottish Charles Buyers & Co. Ltd. And German Gastrock - quality for every penny!

      Our sticks are for neat use even if you are not! Frack Stock or Dress Cane are called Foreign and indicates that they fit better with the dress and white than a hike in the wild - if you use cane as aids they are not the right choice Although they are of course individual weight indicated they are generally more slim than Normal sticks.


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      A cane has long symbolized dignity, wisdom and old age and many remember that Moses went with one. And many may remember how President Spies bought theater seat for his cane.

      What you can also use one of our finer sticks to may be found in both Grimms and H.C. Andersen's adventure. In this there are many stories about how the stick was used as a means of punishment, stroke, cf. also the term "sticking method".

      More poetic and musically one talks about the conductor's beat, and popular Kim Larsen used a cane at his last concerts. Before his career sounded the song "Lift your hat and swing your cane" in the musical "Meet me at Cassiopeia"

      If you see a musical show or a musical at a theater you can also see our sticks in swing - if it should be elegant in dress and white, there is a cane of a certain caliber.