Pork Pie Hats

FORSENDELSE 39 kr. til PAKKESHOP - 59 Kr. til HJEM


      Pork Pie Hat or Pork's Pie Hat (Thanks Google) is a hat-type that has its popularity in men who want to wear hat but think trilby, Fedora and Traveler Hats types are too dominant for physique and head size.

      Pork Pie Hat is characterized by its narrow upward bent shade that may be reminiscent of a gutter. The narrow shade provides a less voluminous hat - it a slightly lower in the spoon and has less outer circumference (the inner circumference has the size you choose)

      We have Stetson Pork Pie and MJM Pork Pie Hats in stock for an opportunity - and so cheap that you can also afford a pork chop.


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      A pork pie hat is a vintage-style hat that has regained popularity in a modern way. From a style angle, Pork Pie hat has a flat-top, round crown with a narrow shade that looks like a trilby or Fedora, but with a shorter, flatter crown. This characteristic shape gives it a unique and stylish look.

      Porkpie hats are often made of a variety of materials including wool, felt or straw, and they come in different colors and patterns to complement your different outfits and personal styles. They are often associated with a feeling of timeless coolness and are favored by those who appreciate retro and vintage mode.

      From a stylistic perspective, Pork Pie-Hatten can add a touch of sophistication and a touch of old-fashioned charm to a wide range of outfits, making it a versatile accessory for both relaxed and formal occasions.

      And then it makes it less that you can't play on guitar!