Welcome to 4 new pipe brands

So we've been on the hunt again to find European quality products for you, admittedly it's mostly for you who are smokers - especially pipe smokers, but others don't need to be impatient, there's something new on the way for you too :-)

In the big pipe world, we have sourced products from:

Passatore - delicious Italian pipes and pipe accessories made with love

Lorenzo - beautiful handmade Italian pipes in the best craftsmanship quality

Jean Claude - Italian pipes and pipe starter sets at very attractive prices

Mr. Pipe - slightly different pipe designs with ebonite mouthpieces, absolutely for the modern pipe smoker.

There are also news from Onyx Art of London for the shirt and cuffs - and the cool Zippo sunglasses that you can easily use without lights.

Click on News in the menu line and we will show you!

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