Thank you for this year to Denmark's best customers!

We are happy that many have chosen us for some of their men's gift purchases this year, we are lucky to have the best customers in Denmark - and hope that we can do even better in 2021, with new products and high service.

Over the course of the year, we have focused a lot on becoming your favorite store for Danish suspenders and belts, hats - and accessories and gifts for the smoker, but we will still be a supplier of fun gifts for men in all guises, whether it's ties, bow ties, cufflinks or tie pins.

One of the things that may not be so visible is that we have made an effort to become more environmentally friendly, in addition to using PostNord, which has the lowest CO2 footprint among freight providers, we have also switched to a packaging supplier for PACK2 that takes care of the environment seriously, not only by having the most environmentally neutral products but also by planting trees as compensation for the paper and cardboard that is not recycled - we are a little proud that together we have planted 3 trees during the year.

We want to party through New Year's Eve and be ready in the new year with new exciting gift ideas for men - we can well unveil our new brand lagöm, which are Danish leather goods, including belts for men produced in collaboration with Scanbelt A/S in a completely unique handmade quality of vegetable-tanned leather from year-round grazing beef cattle.

Thank you for this year, we hope to see you in 2021!

Annie & Kurt (and holiday replacement Niller)

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