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The Prince Webshop values ​​both our customers' and our own safety very highly, and of course we have already introduced a number of procedures and measures to reduce the risk of infection. We take the risk of infection very seriously and follow all recommendations from the Danish authorities.

After all, we are a husband and wife company, so we are completely dependent on being healthy and fit and always have the highest possible hygiene both before and during the handling of your products.

As Mrs Hansen has always been a bit of a germaphobe, we were able to quickly upgrade our process, we use plenty of hand wash and hand sanitizer as well as rubber gloves. We get our shipments picked up by PostNord.

We have never imported directly from China or other high-risk areas ourselves, but use wholesalers in the USA, UK and Germany. Currently we do not order new items home, but you are welcome to buy from our warehouse - and we still ship from day to day.

We live in Stevns so we are naturally socially isolated, we still shop for food, but take all the necessary precautions and are happy that people are sensible and keep their distance in physical stores.

If you want to avoid going to a parcel shop, you can order home delivery where we naturally allow flex delivery where postnord delivers the package without you having to be present.

If you are still uneasy, please feel free to contact us.

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