New Brand - Trixie & Milo

Trixie & Milo is from Portland, Oregon, USA.

Trixie and Milo believe that gifts and accessories should be useful, authentic and timeless. With that in mind, the couple founded the company in 2011 to make classic US flashlights and mugs, and got on their way with their new items.

They were a hit right away! It looked like everyone would have a cool vintage style pocket. Their popularity continues to grow, and now Trixie & Milo-Designs can be found in large retail chains across the United States.

Trixie & Milo continue to be inspired by the hard -working men and women who built America in the last century, and have expanded their product range to include all kinds of items in their unique "no -nonsense" style - with notebooks and records, to Home decor and classic gift articles for men such as pocket tools and enamel pins.

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