Full assortment in Denicotea Cigarette Holders!

Since 1932, Denicotea has combined cigarette smoking's mixed pleasure with elegance and a touch of luxury.

More than 50 different models emphasize the fashion aspect and are partly based on historical materials.

Simple or complicated - The real denicotea experience can be found at The Prince Webshop.

We carry pretty much the entire range of denicotea cigarette holders and shop directly with denicotea so you get the right price.

Denicotea is a German brand that produces in Germany for your safety - the only exception is Nice Cigarette holds the series where the cigarette holder itself produces in China - the filters are still from Germany!

We hope you welcome the new models, they are in stock in Holtug - and we will complement as soon as possible if they are sold out.

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