Cigarette Cases

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      Here you have our large selection of cases for cigarettes, we have them in silver, chrome, gold and leather look - you can browse through the catalog or search for color or size in the menu on the left. The cigarette case sizes are King Size which is normal length and 100S which are long cigarettes, 120S which are extra long cigarettes and Slim which are thin cigarettes. TIP: You can use VARIANT below to select cases for your particular type of cigarette.

      The history of the cigarette case goes back to the end of the 19th century, when cigarettes became more popular and widely available. In the beginning, cigarettes were sold in small paper packets or tin containers, but as smoking became more fashionable and socially accepted, people began to look for more elegant and stylish ways to carry their cigarettes.

      The first cigarette cases were made of metal, such as silver or brass, and were often intricately decorated with engravings or enamel work. These cigarette cases were popular among the wealthy as they were seen as a status symbol and a way to show off one's wealth and taste. As the 20th century progressed, cigarette cases became more diverse and varied in material and design. Leather and plastic became popular materials for cigarette cases - we have all types and styles.

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